Luminar Neo – AI-powered photo editor

Luminar Neo – AI-powered editor for your photos

In 2020 we reviewed Luminar 4, an easy-to-use photo editing software powered by AI technology that can be used as a standalone app or a plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic or Photoshop. During these two years, the program has not become our primary photo editing tool, but as a plugin for Lightroom, it was often handy: …

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Improve Your Social Media Aesthetics

4 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Aesthetics

A visually aesthetic social media page is the first step of getting recognized by other brands or potential followers. With the perfect aesthetic page, you can build a following that shares the same interests and goals as you.

barnimages - best free images of 2019

50 Best Free Photos of 2019

The most downloaded, favorite, and eye-catching FREE photos of 2019 on Barnimages. Just as always, you are free to use them even for commercial purposes!

How and when to use Illustrations for your business

How and When to Use Illustrations for Your Business

Illustrations can influence your customers by explaining ideas, assisting the onboarding, guiding through website navigation, and supporting overall business goals. Let’s take a look at how and when to use illustrations for business.