Moose: Free Stock Photos That Match Each Other


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What is Moose?

Briefly, Moose is the photo stock project by Icons8: it is a constantly growing collection of stock photos made under professional production. All the images are free for a link. Variety of themes, clean stylish performance and all the images matching each other. You can also order a photo you need.


What can you get from Moose?

Going deeper, as a Moose user, you may:

  • download any photo for free and use it for your personal or commercial project with a link to Moose
  • match the photos with each other, both as a collection of images for one project or as a new image compiled from several photos
  • select the image you need from the wide variety of themes, settings and models
  • order a photo you need in case you haven’t found any which will satisfy your needs
  • use photos as title images for online publications effectively combining them with headings or other copy needed


Moose: Free Stock Photos That Match Each Other

Barnimages – Moose: Free Stock Photos That Match Each Other

Download free photos


What makes Moose different from other photo stocks?

1) Professional production
Most photo stocks, especially free ones, present the huge curated collections of pictures taken by photographers and contributed to the platform. It means that they may be totally different in style and performance. In some cases it’s gain while in the others it’s pain, especially if you have to stick to one particular style in your visual content strategy. The big distinguishing feature of Moose is that all the photos are not contributed by a variety of photographers who may have a different level of skills: the images are made by pro photographers, in specially prepared settings.

2) Respond to the market needs
Another benefit is the market research which the creative team makes to provide users with the photos they really need. It also helps to plan the new directions and themes which are on demand but aren’t broadly presented in the current photo stocks.

3) The ability of photos to match each other
Although the pictures cover the diversity of thematic categories, they are all done in a clean kinfolk-style manner so that they could be combined if required. You may use background from one image, a model from the other and an object from the third – and they will successfully give an outcome of another stylish image.

It means that with Moose you can plan a long-term content strategy for your blog or social networks being sure that you have a constantly growing collection of sophisticated photos matching each other in style and made under professional production with post-production processing.

4) The chance to ask for a photo you need
It’s hard – let’s be honest, impossible – to find another free photo stock with high-quality images which will allow for ordering the photo. Moose is the one that offers it showing a brand new approach to stock photography.

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