4 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Aesthetics

Improve Your Social Media Aesthetics

A visually aesthetic social media page is the first step of getting recognized by other brands or potential followers. With the perfect aesthetic page, you can build a following that shares the same interests and goals as you. It’s important for your brand to keep improving in this particular area at all times. If you are interested in the different ways, which you can improve your social media aesthetics, consider the points below:

Try Exploring Editing Tools 

In the new era of technology, the greatest tool developed for content creators were editing tools. If you happen to notice, other social media pages seem to be amazingly perfect all the time, it’s because of editing. All the elements such as, color saturation, clarity of the pictures and the lighting used is always flawless. There are a number of editing tools that can help make your images look amazing, such as photoshop or facetune. These tools can go from removing blemishes on your face and making the lighting look more saturated and brighter. Do not be afraid to get photo editing tips form Facetune and upgrade your photos to look more breathtaking. 

A lot of social media applications now have these tools built in. For example, if you are using Instagram, after uploading a picture, you have the ability to edit it and add a filter if you wish.

Exploring Editing Tools

Understand Your Audience 

Your brand consists mainly of your identity as an individual. Having a full understanding of what your identity is will help you establish your brand and to whom you want your brand to relate. You should ask yourself; Do you want to create an atmosphere that is more relaxed, structured, bold, or unique? Do you have a certain target market you hope to impress? What age group or specific gender do you want to be your target audience? All these questions will factor in once you start building the aesthetics of your social media. Building a target market persona is the first step to consider.

A lot of content creators nowadays find their niches first, and then build their branding from there on. For example, someone who is interested in fashion from the early 90s will incorporate memorabilia from that time period in their page. At the same time, they would also keep that 90s fashion atmosphere throughout their social media page. When you look at their page you will be able to tell that they are into fashion from a certain time period, and that would attract people who are interested in it. 

Once you find the type of audience you want to cater to, you can then work on making sure that your social media content caters to them and would quickly spark their interests. 

Play Around with Color 

Aesthetics exist because of color, don’t be afraid to play around with color and see what works for you. You can choose to have one or two signature colors that you’ll be easily recognized from. You can also choose to have more than two colors of choice if you prefer. A lot of social media influencers choose one or two more colors that go well together, to create a social media account that is visually aesthetic and flows together perfectly. 

You don’t have to be obvious with the way you incorporate these color in your feed. For example, if your chosen color is red instead of wearing red outfits all the time you can incorporate small things like a red apple or red lipstick in your pictures. This way, you can have your chosen aesthetic color but still have everything cohesive. It’s understandable that this can be intimidating, but it is important to plan everything out. Try to look for inspiration from other applications and see various color pallet available and how you can incorporate it in your content. Use applications such as Pinterest where a lot of people share their aesthetic ideas. 

Plan And Map Your Feed Out 

This does not sound as pleasant as the previous points made. However, it’s also an important part of making sure that your aesthetic social media page is pleasing to the eyes and effective in your sales and marketing strategy.

It clearly shows that the content creator carefully planned everything out, and every factor were considered before executing it on your feed. You can tell that every picture and video have been deliberately placed accordingly. Planning out your content will make it easier for you to know your objectives in posting it. 

Final Thoughts 

It is important to equip yourself with relevant knowledge when it comes to the latest trends in improving aesthetics. These tips and tricks can elevate your brand whether it’s personal or business related. Remember that your audience has to relate to your content and you can use editing tools to upgrade the quality of your content. By following this advice, you’ll surely enjoy creating your content, and eventually see the improvements in your social media aesthetics.

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