Different Mindsets for Building Content

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Every business needs high-quality content; there’s no doubt about it. However, there needs to be a purpose behind the content you create and display. It will be plainly obvious to everyone who sees whether you have a strategy behind your content making or not.

What will not be obvious, though, is what you’re trying to say with your content. No matter what stage your business is in, there are content optimization goals that are always beneficial and necessary to further success. Depending on which area you want to focus on first, you will need a different mindset for your content to tell the right story.


Bringing in New Customers

New customers are the lifeline of every business. That being said, it’s critical that you have attractive content. To do that, you need to know who your audience is. What’s eye-catching to one person may not be to another. Depending on what your business is trying to achieve, you will want to focus on targeting one group of people over another.

Research what your target audience is liking and sharing and what social media platforms they prefer to use. This will give you a better idea of the kind of visual content you should be making. Be open to curating some content as well. Perhaps a stock photo or infographic would make an article post more clear than something you could have done yourself.

Other visual content you should also include in your blog posts and website are videos, memes, and screenshots. As long as your content is relevant and matches the tone of your business, your visuals will increase conversions as well as overall interest in your business. However, none of this will be possible if your images are not optimized for the web.

SEO image optimization will make your visual content much easier to find when people are searching keywords on the web. For SEO purposes, it’s best to use original images for your online content. Search engines prefer originals over duplicates, and unique content will result in more people coming directly to your site. You also want to make sure you upload your images at the right size. Large images take a longer time to load, and long loading times decrease the quality of your website.

Also, when labeling your image’s file name and alt text, make sure it matches what the image is. By being as descriptive as you can be, your image and the page it’s on will begin to rank higher for those words on search results. One last thing: make sure your visual content is can be shared. Shared images will reach a much wider audience and expose more people to your business than an unshareable image ever could.


Establishing Authority in an Industry

Once you know who your target audience is, it’s time to build your brand’s authority. There’s no greater way to do this than through your visual content. Your images can either make or break your reputation, so what you show needs as much attention as what you say. You can do this by keeping your visual content simple.

If you cannot explain your business clearly and concisely, nobody will know what it is. The same thing goes for images. An overly complicated image will never get your message across. That being said, simple visual content will let visitors know you’re an expert in your field and can clearly say so.

You also have to make sure your images are relevant to your business and convey what you’re trying to say. Although stock photos have their purposes, businesses need to take the time to create their own content as well. This will show people that you not only know what you’re doing but that you also care about user experience.

By being original, you will grow your brand reputation and ultimately be noticed. This is made even easier with free visual tools for your content. In an age where everyone is borrowing from everyone, you want to have content that people want to link to. However, you can take advantage of the borrowing game too.

If you utilize studies and statistics that are related to your business, you can create an informative infographic that will be of great value to your target audience. Your audience will appreciate this and will be on the lookout for more of your business’s useful content if you keep a uniform look and post on a consistent basis.

By establishing your business as an authoritative source in your industry, you can build trust with potential customers. Also, by encouraging customers to share images and videos of their experience with your business, your brand will foster a sense of authenticity that could not have been built otherwise.

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Converting Sales

Now comes one of the most important aspects of content creation: conversion of sales. Having a following and building a reputation is all fine and dandy, but if no one buys anything from you, you’re out of business, literally. Technological advancements have changed the way businesses are run, so your visual content strategy can make or break a deal. If you want your conversion rates to go up (and who doesn’t?), here’s what you should do:

1. Post Videos

Videos of your product can do wonders for your sales. When people can see what your product looks like and how to use it, it removes a lot of the fears associated with buyer’s remorse and makes them more likely to make that final purchase. However, these videos need to be placed in strategic areas of your site in order to make you money. This includes spaces next to the product image and purchase button. Also, make sure your video is realistic. There’s nothing that drives a customer crazier than buying a product that doesn’t meet their expectations established by an advertisement.

2. Provide a Virtual Product Tour

Seal the deal with your customers by offering a virtual product tour before they have to make a final decision. Show potential customers the many benefits they would accrue by purchasing your product and all the different things that it can offer. Also, by having images and videos of previous customers using your product, the trust and value of what you sell increases tremendously.

3. Share Reviews on Social Media

Share customer’s social media posts about your business on your own accounts. The restaurant industry is already taking advantage of this by having digital signs display social media feeds of positive customer experiences. However, make sure to include the whole post if it’s a written review, not just snippets. This will make the share feel more genuine. People tend to trust the people who buy your product more than your business. So when potential customers see the pictures and posts of past happy customers, they will feel more secure about purchasing your product.

Depending on what you want your content to do, you have to take on a different mindset to be successful in your endeavors. Whether you want to attract new customers, build your authority, or convert sales, your content needs to reflect that. When your goals and content are in sync, so too will your business be with customers.


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