Best YouTube Channels for Aspiring Filmmakers

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Embark on a cinematic adventure as we move from our favorite photography channels of the past year to a brand new exploration of the best YouTube channels for videography. In the age of modern technology, video production has become more accessible than ever, opening new doors for aspiring filmmakers and content creators.

We live in an age where everyone can harness the power of storytelling through moving images, and the importance of video in today’s digital landscape cannot be overstated. From conveying personal stories to promoting businesses, video has become a universal language.

In this post, we present to you a carefully selected list (in alphabetical order) of YouTube channels that not only celebrate the art of filmmaking, but also help you become a better storyteller in the digital age.

Join us as we dive into the world of video, where creativity knows no bounds and anyone with a passion for storytelling can make a name for themselves.

Brady Bessette

In many of his videos, Director of Photography (DOP) Brady Bessette offers excellent tips on lighting techniques. However, that’s not the sole focus of his channel. Brady also shares insights into editing, color grading, and gear. Additionally, he provides behind-the-scenes videos that offer a glimpse into the creative process of modern filmmaking.

Brandon Li

Brandon Li is a filmmaker and travel videographer known for his visually stunning videos. His channel is packed with inspiring content, including gear reviews and tutorials.

Brittney Janae

Brittney Janae is a filmmaker, director of photography, and editor based in Los Angeles. Her channel features cinematic vlogs, tutorials, and a variety of engaging content.

Casey Faris

Casey Faris’ channel is a fantastic resource for mastering DaVinci Resolve. If you’re new to the software, kick off your learning journey with this exceptional crash course:

Cullen Kelly

Cullen Kelly is a professional colorist, image scientist, and educator. If you’re interested in delving into advanced color grading techniques, make sure to check out Cullen’s channel.

Curtis Judd

They say sound is always more important than the quality of your video. For all things related to sound, check out Curtis Judd’s channel.

Danny Gevirtz

Danny Gevirtz is probably one of the best and most talented filmmakers on YouTube. He creates amazing videos without always chasing the newest or the best gear. A truly great source to learn from on directing, production, cinematography, editing, color grading, sound, and more.

Darren Mostyn

As the Senior Colourist and founder of an Online Creative post facility established in the UK in 1999, Darren Mostyn boasts extensive experience. Having worked regularly with major broadcasters like BBC, Amazon, and various international networks, Darren’s diverse portfolio spans documentaries, music videos, branded content, features, and shorts. As a Certified Master trainer for Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Darren passionately shares his knowledge and trains colorists and editors from beginners to advanced. Check out his channel to get firsthand pro tips!

Dunna Did It

Dunna’s channel offers gear reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks, and occasional vlogs. The content is great and inspiring, especially beneficial for beginners but appealing to all levels of expertise.

DSLR Video Shooter

DSLR Video Shooter is run by Caleb Pike and is the place to find the best gear reviews and tutorials for making your videos better.

The channel has been around for almost 14 years now, and in that time, Caleb has produced tons of helpful videos for videographers of all levels. If you’re looking for tips on lighting, sound, or shooting equipment, trying to figure out how to properly rig your camera, you should definitely check out DSLR Video Shooter. In his latest video to date, Caleb announces that changes are coming to his channel, so we’re looking forward to see what’s to come.

Gerald Undone

If you’re in the market for a new camera or other gear and need a thorough, expert review to assist in your decision-making, look no further. Gerald Undone is among the best in his field.

Gian Carlo Stigliano

Gian Carlo Stigliano is a cinematographer based in Philadelphia, USA, making thoughtful and inspiring videos about filmmaking, the cinematography business, freelancing and finance, behind the scenes and more. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or already a pro, you’ll find a lot of food for thought on this channel!

In Depth Cine

In Depth Cine is the channel of South African filmmaker Gray Kotzé. For his channel, Gray produces videos that blend creative insights with a thorough technical exploration of cinematography and filmmaking. He delves into various topics in depth, skillfully breaking down complex subjects into simple and easily understandable videos.

Jacques Crafford

Jacques Crafford, a freelance DOP & Editor based in South Africa, prioritizes quality over quantity on his channel. Offering highly engaging and informative content, his videos are straight to the point, delivering valuable information in a concise manner. Particularly beneficial for Sony shooters, his channel is a go-to resource for efficient and insightful content.

Jonny von Wallstrom

Jonny von Wallström is a Swedish self-shooting film director, photographer, and visual artist. On his channel, Jonny shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of his filmmaking journey. With a unique blend of creativity and storytelling, he has captivated audiences worldwide with his thought-provoking and emotionally-driven work.

Joris Hermans

Joris Hermans is a photographer, videographer, and YouTube creator from Belgium. On his channel, Joris discusses video creation, filmmaking, photography, and Davinci Resolve editing.

Learn Color Grading

Learn Color Grading is an excellent channel for anyone working with DaVinci Resolve, packed with useful tips and tutorials.


Lila shars filmmaking tips, video editing tutorials, and vlogs for beginners, pros and everyone in between. If you’re a YouTuber, filmmaker, or hobbyist looking for easy-to-understand tutorials to enhance your video skills, check her out!

Mark Bone

Mark Bone, a film director from Toronto, Canada, generously shares his expertise on enhancing your filmmaking skills. Known for his visually impressive work, he shares valuable insights by using his strong storytelling skills.

Matt Porwoll Cinematography

Matt Porwoll, an award-winning and veteran verite documentary cinematographer, is here to impart the art, craft, and nuances of documentary cinematography. With over 20 years of experience, he believes in openly sharing and teaching the practices that have shaped his journey to help you enhance your skills as a documentary cinematographer.

Of Two Lands

Of Two Lands is the channel of Florent Piovsan, a French/Australian filmmaker and photographer with a passion for the outdoors. On his channel, Florent shares gear-related content, along with his documentary work and some awesome behind-the-scenes videos.

Patrick Tomasso

Patrick Tomasso’s channel is a nice collection of all things film related. From commentary and production insights to reviews and more!

Roman Hense

On Roman Hense’s channel, you won’t find gear reviews, filmmaking, or color correction tutorials, nor other tips. However, what you will undoubtedly discover is a collection of beautiful and inspiring cinematic videos that will encourage you to create!

Sam Holland

Sam Holland has been creating many gear review videos lately, but we appreciate his channel for its past content: engaging, interesting, straight to the point, and often humorous videos about filming and cinematography theory. But it’s still there, so check it out!


Serr is a Filmmaker/DP/Colorist & Content Creator based out of Los Angeles. He’s known for his beautiful and inspirational films on YouTube, appreciated for their vintage and classic vibes. Watch the video below to get an idea of Serr’s amazing work.

Spenser Sakurai

Spencer Sakurai is a cinematographer and director, and on his channel, he shares tips and thoughts on cinematography, lighting, cameras (and other gear), the state of the industry, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his work.

The DP Journey

The DP Journey is a channel by Sherif Mokbel, a self-taught filmmaker and photographer based in New York. Offering tutorials, tips, case studies, reviews, and on-set experiences, Sherif dedicates this channel to sharing his filmmaking journey and aims to leave you informed and inspired!


Vuhlandes, a photographer and videographer hailing from Detroit, has developed a distinctive style influenced by his urban surroundings—street, gritty, yet clean. His videos stand out with impressive editing, sound design, and nostalgic vibes, that appeal to many.

So, here they are – our favorite 28 YouTube channels for filmmakers, ready to keep you busy and entertained on those days when you’re not out in the field creating your own videos.

We hope you enjoy these, and stay tuned for future updates!

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