Best YouTube Photography Channels in 2023

youtube photography channels

Are you interested in photography? With modern smartphones and digital cameras, it’s easier than ever to take great pictures, but there’s a lot to learn to take truly amazing photos. Thankfully, an abundance of YouTube photography channels is available for photographers of all levels. In this blog post, we’ll share a list (in alphabetical order) of our favorites.

These resources offer valuable insights and tutorials to enhance your photography skills and spark inspiration, regardless of your experience level. You can find tips on composition, editing, gear, and more, and the content is tailored to beginners and professionals alike. By following these YouTube channels, you’ll have access to a wealth of information that can help take your photography to the next level.

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about photography

about photography is a great source for anyone interested in street photography. From tips to interviews with professional photographers, there is a lot of great and inspiring content.

Andy Mumford

Andy Mumford is a professional landscape and travel photographer who shares his knowledge and expertise on his YouTube channel through tutorials, gear reviews, and vlogs. His channel has a significant following and is a great resource for anyone interested in photography, particularly landscape and travel photography.

Aperture Foundation

Aperture is a not-for-profit organization that connects audiences though photograph. Watch intimate talks, interviews, and behind-the-scenes videos with photographers, photobook-makers, designers, artists, and writers that offer new insights, novel lines of inquiry, and unique connections across disciplines.

Expressive Photography

Alister Benn, a Scottish landscape photography educator, provides candid and practical instruction on photography. He emphasizes the power of creativity to calm the mind, reduce stress, and promote mental wellbeing, while also enabling you to express yourself and capture more impactful and meaningful photographs. Tune in to his YouTube channel to enhance your photography skills and find inner peace amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Faizal Westcott

Faizal Westcott is an Indonesian-American photographer based in the United States. On his channel, Faizal discusses street photography and gear, mostly Fujifilm. He has gained a significant following in the past year due to the quality of his content. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Jamie Windsor

Jamie Windsor’s channel is all about photography related tips, reviews, and techniques. Jamie aims to create video content that doesn’t already exist on YouTube, and focuses on teaching the art of photography rather than being an overly gear-heavy channel.

Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins is a wedding photographer, but he draws inspiration from classic street photography and photojournalism. If you are interested in such a documentary approach to photographing weddings, be sure to check Kevin’s tips. He is also a Fujifilm ambassador, so if you are using one of the Fujifilm cameras, you can get some good advice on how to use and set up your camera.

Mango Street

Mango Street is a duo who makes photo/video tutorials that, as they say, “don’t waste your time”. Fun, useful, short, straight to the point, qualitative, creative, inspiring – this is how Mango Street’s video can be described!

Nigel Danson

Nigel Danson is a landscape photographer who takes us on his journeys, photographing beautiful landscapes from all over the UK and the USA. Nigel inspires other photographers with useful photography tips and techniques, but he also often talks about what’s going on in his head and why he’s making the decisions he’s making. Worth watching and re-watching!

Nick Carver

Everyone still shooting with film cameras should follow Nick Carver on his photographic trips to various locations. He specializes in large format film photography and covers a wide range of topics related to photography, including camera settings, composition, lighting, and printing. His channel is a great resource for anyone interested in film photography or looking to improve their photography skills in general.


DPReview, the site that has been publishing news, reviews and guides on digital photography and digital imaging for nearly 25 years, is closing down. The same fate awaits their YouTube channel, which we loved so much. Loved primarily because of Chris and Jordan’s videos, which were always detailed, objective and, of course, fun and entertaining.

Chris and Jordan won’t be missing from YouTube: they’re moving to PetaPixel. We’re already subscribed and look forward to new videos.


PHLEARN will provide you with the best Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials. Detailed, useful, exciting, and fun videos from PHLEARN will be particularly useful for novice photographers. But we are sure that even experienced photographers will find something interesting for themselves.

Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker is our favorite photography channel on YouTube. Firstly, his videos are of excellent quality, which is immediately noticeable. However, that’s not the main point. The important thing is how thoughtful and genuine Sean’s videos are. He presents information calmly, politely, in detail, and honestly.

While Sean’s channel does include videos about photo gear and shooting techniques, that’s not what the channel is primarily about. Most of his videos cover deep, conceptual, and philosophical questions about photography, art, and life in general. If you find yourself asking questions like “Does every photograph have to tell a story?” or “How do you deal with critics?” or “How can you find a direction for your photography?”, then you should definitely watch this channel. It’s a must!

T. Hopper

T.Hopper is a channel hosted by Tatiana Hopper, an artist currently based in Ireland and the UK. On her channel she talks about photographers, their biographies, their visions. She often talks about photographers who are not mainstream and whose names you may never have heard. Fantastic content, you’ll get a lot of value out of it!

Thomas Heaton

Another one of our top favorites is Thomas Heaton’s channel. In his videos, you get to follow him on his outdoor adventures as he photographs some of the most stunning landscapes. His vlog-style videos show the reality of what it takes for Thomas to achieve his goals. This channel is perfect for adventurers and landscape photographers, whether they are experienced or new, looking for inspiration and motivation.

The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography is run by Ted Forbes, a professional photographer and educator. The channel features a variety of content related to photography, including gear reviews, tutorials, interviews, and critiques. Ted has a unique perspective on photography, and he often discusses the history of photography, as well as the creative and artistic aspects of the medium.

The Photographic Eye

The Photographic Eye is a channel devoted to helping you discover and nurture your passion for photography. Though looking at photographers both past and present, learning to speak visually and thinking about why we take photographs, this is the channel where you can indulge these ideas. 

And here they are, our favorite 17 channels about photography on YouTube, which we hope can bring you a lot of use and inspiration. We’ll keep searching and discovering new channels to keep this post up to date. Stay tuned!

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