Best Free Lightroom Presets for a Stunning Instagram Feed

Best Free Lightroom Presets for a Stunning Instagram Feed

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It only takes a few moments for someone to decide whether to follow your Instagram or not. You instantly have to make an impression: you need photos that stand out and a feed that is amazing to scroll through.

How do I create an attractive and professional Instagram feed?

To guarantee success and get more followers, you must develop a signature look or aesthetic that your audience can associate with your brand. It is not as hard as it sounds; you will only need the help of Lightroom presets.

If you are a beginner, do not worry. Lightroom presets are easy to use. These will save you a lot of time and give you professional results.

If you are a professional photographer, Lightroom presets will make photo editing easier, faster, and more consistent.

The best part about using presets is that you can try different looks in just a few clicks. It is a fun way to find an aesthetic that fits your style.

Here are FREE Lightroom presets by that will look great on your Instagram. These are available for Lightroom mobile and desktop. Download as many as you want to experiment on different looks!

This Orange and Teal Lightroom preset does a great job at bringing out the orange and teal colors in photos. It mixes colors in a unique way to create a powerful take on the popular orange-teal cinematic motif.

Magic Moments gives photos a nostalgic warmth. It combines the charms of classic retro and soft matte for that tender and memorable look. Images will appear bright and rich in detail.

New Life captures the warmth and delicate beauty of newborn infants and children. It gives their photos a light airy softness that complement the tender emotions and memories they evoke. The most notable effect is the subtle touch of pink: it enhances skin tones well and adds to the overall charm.

Food Lightroom preset makes food photography colorful and exciting. It enhances the photo to look so mouthwatering, tasty, and irresistible that it will leave you hungry and craving.

PresetLove’s Travel preset enhances travel, nature, hiking, landscape, wildlife, and various outdoor photos. It adds vibrant and clean hues to travel photography, so your photos will look naturally stunning.

Urban Cool perfectly intensifies cool hues by adding green, blue, and violet tones in shadows. It also boosts saturation to make images appear vivid yet calm and cool. This is best used in street photography and various urban scenes.

The Landscape View preset enhances the natural look of landscape photos. You will get bright and vivid hues every time, without having to worry about losing detail in the highlights.

Fashion preset is specifically designed for fashion portraits. It stylishly enhances colors and skin tones by adding pink violet tones and a soft matte finish.

Pastel Warm gives photos a softer and warmer look by adding pastel brown tones in shadows. This preset is ideal for pictures that are taken under a natural light, and works well with portraits and outdoor photos.

Float preset evens out the exposure of any photo and reduces excessive shadows in portraits. It has a soft aesthetic that amplifies the mood of any shot. Its matte texture and gentle tones will also give your Instagram feed a tender and sophisticated charm.

Cinematic preset mutes and desaturates tones to give photos a dramatic and cinematic look. This film effect will make images appear visually striking. You may also use it to further give your shots a contemplative mood, depending on the look and feel that you are going for. This works best in images with strong lighting.

Chocolate Matte adds a timeless feel to your photos without reducing clarity. It uniquely brings out the warmth of the captured moment, making even the simplest shot look like a cinematic scene. A warm brown haze blends with the images for a crisp vintage look.

Portra 160 gives digital photos the unmistakable look of the classic Kodak Portra 160 film. It is versatile because of its soft cool hues and tempered intensity. This is the preset to use if you want subtler tones and matte textures on your pictures. Just like the film effect it replicates, Portra 160 preset can be used in almost any shot, whether taken indoors or outdoors.

Vacation Memory gives your captured moments a classic look and feel with its bright and warm mid-contrast tones. This aesthetic replicates the Kodak Ultramax 800 film, from its ISO light sensitivity to the signature grain. The preset is ideal for any type of photography, whether indoor or outdoor.

Bright & Sweet gives portraits a warm and inviting glow. It enhances skin tones and softens the feel of the portrait. It also comes with a creamy tint that adds to the sweet mood of the image.

Creating Your Signature Look

Remember that your chosen aesthetic will represent and reinforce your brand. It is best to choose Lightroom presets for Instagram that go well with your topic or theme.

From there, it is only a matter of applying the preset to every post. You can always use it as is or tweak some adjustments to further refine your style.

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