5 Quick Mobile Photography Tips for Travelers

Taking photo on mobile phone

Mobile photography is tricky, especially in new areas you are exploring. Some may grasp the concept and succeed with ease, while some may end up asking how the heck others are taking those photos with an iPhone.

It’s ok. Don’t stress, because you’re going to learn right here in about 15 minutes.


1. Keep taking photos – consistency is key

Keep taking photos - consistency is key

When taking pictures on a mobile device, many people tend to take a few photos, but end up not liking them so they stop. This is where you need to change your habits. Keep taking pictures. Always. You may not like the first picture you take, not because of what is in the picture even, but because where you are shooting from, the lighting, etc.. Therefore, it is key that you keep taking pictures, even multiple pictures of one object so that you can get a feel for what looks right.

2. Use the rule of thirds

Use the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is incredibly helpful in composing a photo. The general idea is to align objects and key elements in a photo with the lines that divide the thirds, both vertically and horizontally. Here’s a pretty in-depth guide on the rule of thirds. Be sure to turn on the grid in any mobile photography app you use so that you can more easily see these lines and get better-composed pictures.


3. Look for leading lines

Look for leading lines

Another key for mobile photographers that some beginners may not know is to use leading lines. Leading lines can make any shot that much better, due to the fact that it draws the viewer’s eyes right to what you want them to be looking at. While setting up the shot, look for parallel lines all heading in one direction, this helps show depth of field as the lines get further away, while also guiding you to your destination.


4. Work towards better lighting and shadows

Work towards better lighting and shadows

While taking pictures on your mobile device, it may be hard to get the lighting and shadows right, but this essential. There’s nothing worse than a photo with under/over-exposed lighting that makes it hard to see the detail in the photo. The key tip – look for open shade and try to avoid shooting in extremely harsh light. Also, take note of the shadows and see how you can play with them to enhance your picture.


5. Shoot from different perspectives

Shoot from different perspectives

Mobile photography is “mobile” for a reason. Move around and shoot from all angles. You’re not using a heavy, expensive camera, you’re using your phone so go out and shoot whatever you are shooting from every angle. Doing this will help you see what looks the best and will help you to come out of your comfort zone and style. Most photographers will tend to stick to their style and this forces them to shoot the same type of pictures from similar angles and such. Changing the perspective and angle of your picture could make a big difference and help to awaken your mind to more shots.


Mobile photography is quite easy to learn, especially if you keep these tips in mind. Just remember – always keep shooting.



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