Roman Drits is a freelance photographer and a co-founder of Barn Images. He comes from Latvia but is currently based in Hamburg, Germany. Follow him on Instagram!

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Old wall
Forest alley
Old tree in forest
Old factory tower
Industrial landscape
Industrial landscape with railways
Spring trees
Quay and water
Riga Dome Cathedral
Railroad bridge in Riga
Abandoned playground
Street cat in market area
Abandoned sandbox
Shoes outlet
Old broken carousel
Bread and plates on the picnic
Preparing a grill
Bread on the picnic towel
Clinking at the picnic
Fresh veggies on picnic
Grilling vegan sausages
Grilling vegan sausages and veggies
Apple iPhone in black and white
Apple iPhone
iPhone and iPad
Logging in to SnapChat
Piece of apple pie
Pumpkin soup
"La Rivière" by Aristide Maillol