Roman Drits is a freelance photographer and a co-founder of Barn Images. He comes from Latvia but is currently based in Hamburg, Germany. Follow him on Instagram!

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Modern hotel building
Coffe cup and Hario kettle
Modern building
Blooming magnolia tree
Blooming magnolia
Empty tree
Magnolia flowers
Blooming magnolia
Waiting for train
Pouring tea
Learning to knit
Toys on a carpet
Closed book
Toys on a carpet
Made bed and light
Lamp detail
Cemetery gate
Book on bed
A monument to victims of the concentration camps on Ohlsdorf Cem
Passangers in the train
Stack of books
Promenade near the port
Ships in the port of Hamburg
Port of Hamburg
Man walking in front of the port of Hamburg
View to the port of Hamburg
Building and bright sky