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Idyllic sunlit glade green forest foliage reflecting woodland pool panorama

Tranquil pond deep in green forest idyllic summer woods panorama

Peaceful meadows with pond and red barns

Standing water lake treelined in summer season

A marsh near Kampinos National Park

Beautiful scenic in the park

Aerial view of Reservoir Landscape

Dense thickets luminous rays of the sun.

Beautiful vibrant landscape image of old clay pit quarry lake with unusual colored green water concept coming out of pages in open book

River in forest

Lush green mangroves in tropical coastal swamp in Guadeloupe, Caribbean

beautiful summer landscape. View from the green coast to the lake and the opposite shore through the coastal trees under the blue cloudy sky

summer evening in the foothills of the Urals


wild grass of a cane on the lake

View over marshland

Beautiful scenic in the park

Beautiful scenic in the park

Duck standing in shallow river, reflection on the water surface.

View of the Dnieper River with green thickets of reeds

Dead leaves in the pond