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Overgrown river on a hot summer day

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Picturesque natural landscape of the Dnipro river embankment. In the background, the city's residential area under construction is visible.

landscape sky with clouds and the lake overgrown reeds summer

a shady river in a mountain forest

City park in spring time. Green grass growing near pond shore. Sun rays coming through tree branches

Sura river with burnt riverside at early spring season near Dnepr city, Ukraine

Beautiful landscape from the Dnipro deserted islands to the Kyiv hills on the horizon.

Natural picturesque landscape of the Dnipro bay near one of the river islands.

The picturesque natural landscape of the Dnipro River in the middle of summer with river lilies floating on the water in the foreground.

The picturesque landscape of the Dniprо Bay, a fisherman on a boat catches fish near the shore. The skyscrapers of the city's residential buildings are visible in the background.