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Egyptian queen drawing

Painted Relief, Great Temple of Amun, Karnak, Egypt

Edfu temple stairs

Egyptian fresco

Temple of Horus - Edfu, Egypt

Ancient Hieroglyphics

Goddess Hathor and temple of Edfu

Queen Nefertiti


Wall Relief, Sanctuary of Isis, Seti I’s Temple, Abydos, Egypt

Astronomical Ceiling, Temple of Hathor Dendera, Egypt

Wall painting

Astronomical Ceiling, Temple of Hathor Dendera, Egypt

The Temple of Rameses II at Abu Simbel

Temple Of Kom Ombo

Festival Procession, Chapel of Hathor, Hatshepsut’s Temple, Luxor, Egypt

Relief from the Roman mammisi, Temple of Hathor, Dendera, Egypt

Offering to the Gods, Temple of Hathor, Dendera, Egypt.

Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor, Egypt

Abu Simbel - inside Ramesses II, statues of divinities in sanctuary

Egypt Temple of Kom Ombo

Egypt Aswan. Hathor and Horus at  Isis Temple on the Island of Philae.

Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor - Thebes, Egypt

The main entrance of Edfu Temple showing the first pylon, Dedicated to the Falcon God Horus, Located on the west bank of the Nile, Edfu, Upper Egypt

egyptian fresco

Temple of Hathor