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High diver

Catalonia Square (Placa de Catalunya), Barcelona, Spain

Patio with fountain and birds

Two birds

Group of thirsty pigeon drinking water

Old square with flying pigeons in Sarajevo

City Pigeons

Collared dove standing on the edge of a Fountain.

Plaza de la Virgen

Guvenpark monument

Bird at hand

Basilica and San Francisco Monastery in Lima downtown

Fonte Gaia in the Plaza del Campo in Siena, Italia

Stork Fountain in Copenhagen

Doves in an old fountain.

Wolf and pigeon in fountain Siena

Market square in Krakow, Poland, Europe

In Piazza Filippo Bottazzi, in front of the castle of Charles V. Lecce. Puglia. Italy.

A policeman sits near fountain in disuse crowded with pigeons and talks on the radio, three foreign young men sit on the ground in the blurred background in Sofia, Bulgaria

pigeon watching at Rome city

Doves bathing in a fountain, part of San Francisco Monastery complex in Lima, Peru

German Fountain in Sultanahmet Square, the ancient Hippodrome of Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey.

Fountain and doves

Fountain and doves in front of a beige and white color San Francisco Monastery museum in Lima

Lonely bird by the fountain lives in urban environment

View of the scenic main square (Piazza IV Novembre) and fountain (Fontana Maggiore) masterpiece of medieval architecture in Perugia, Umbria, Italy

Monument to Khabarov the founder of Khabarovsk