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Snow globe
plattenbau building
Rostock Lütten Klein
plattenbau building
Windows of the plattenbau building
People in the museum
Christmas approaching! It’s just about the right time when you can start incorporating holiday images into your projects. Here are 10 free holiday photos!

Christmas Approaching: 10 Free Holiday Photos

The holidays are around the corner! It’s just about that time when you can begin incorporating holiday images into your projects. We know it can be tricky to find the perfect image, so here are ten free photos that will help your audience get into the holiday spirit.

All the photos are released under our free for commercial use license – that means you can use these images for free, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission. Have fun!

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supermoon 2016
dark blue sky
tree and sky
trees and sky
Office building
Boring office building
Boring office building
iPad, keyboard and teapot
MacBook Air
MacBook Air and vintage cameras
iPad and a book
statue in a park
Female statue, autumn
Simple sky
Bird and clouds
Lake Michigan Sunrise
Lake Michigan Sunrise
macbook from above
woman macbook
Cup of coffee on a table
Cup of cappuccino
A sealed letter