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I want that one dad!

Little girl picking apples from tree in a fruit orchard

Fresh apples from a tree

Little happy boy touching apple

Senior grandmother with grandson carrying wooden box with apples in orchard.

I want that one dad!

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Hand holding apple

Little kid boy picking red apples on farm autumn

Child tears a red paper into small pieces. Child holds red paper pieces in his hands. Kindergarten art lesson. Set of color paper, pencils, glue stick on wooden background. Fun paper crafts for kids

Young girl eating an apple

Little girl lying on large tree, eats red apple and reads the book.

A small boy with father and grandfather walking in apple orchard in autumn.

Girl in an orchard holding a red apple

kids in an orchard holding red apples

Little girl in an apple garden

Young smiling happy agronomist standing in orchard and looking at fruit tree.

Young woman collecting apples in the fall

Boy eating in fruit tree

Little girl picking up apples

Teamwork - 3 People Picking Apples

Little Girl Picking Fresh Apples from Tree in Orchard

Young Redhead Baby Boy Picking Apples in Orchard

Apples from the tree

Little girl and boy picking apples from a tree

Two little kids eating crystalized apple on Christmas market

Beautiful blond happy kid boy picking and eating red apples on organic farm, autumn outdoors. Funny little preschool child having fun with helping and harvesting in domestic garden orchard.