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Interior of St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Czech Republic

crucifix, jesus on the cross in church with ray of light from stained glass

Colorful acrylic sample on a window

Metaphorical Stained Glass

Blue/Green Stained Glass

Nativity Scene

Madonna della Salute

Glowing Glass Art Pattern

A reflection from a stained glass window of a church

Church window

Stained glass window

Fiery glowing stained-glass

Sunlight between the columns in catholic church

León Cathedral

Quilt in blue, green and purple

Stained glass

Stained glass craftsman working on project

Background of colorful defocused party lights with frames.

Stained Glass

Sagrada Familia glass window in Barcelona

Colorful glowing stained glass, computer generated abstract background 8k


blue stained glass

The Last Supper

Colorful stained glass fractal in golden ratio

stainglass window blue

Church candle