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Follow these tips on how to strategically use the Instagram travel hashtags and get your photos out to a wider audience.

7 Advanced Tips on Using Instagram Travel Hashtags

Have you noticed, that even if you post a stunning picture on Instagram from the trip or even an amazing travel, it gets just some engagement? It took you so much time and effort to take that beautiful shot, and almost nobody sees it. After you post a photo, only your followers see it on the feed. No matter how good your picture is, it’s not enough for being discovered by others. There are a lot more people who can see it besides of your friends.

There are many options to grow your Instagram account. One of the great ways to be found is to use the Instagram travel hashtags. If you are not familiar with the social media, on Instagram hashtags are the keywords, relative to the picture, which use the pound sign (#) in front. Every word with the # sign in your photo description becomes a link. If you click on it, you see other posts with the same hashtag on all Instagram accounts. For example, check the hashtag #travelphotography.

This way you may notice people with the similar interests, and that’s how they find you too. There are always discussions how the hashtags affect the engagement with the photos. On Instagram, you may use maximum 30 hashtags per post. Compare to other social media networks, where it’s better to use 1-3 hashtags, on Instagram, your pictures will get more interactions (likes, comments) with many hashtags.

Below are the tips on how to strategically use the Instagram travel hashtags.

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