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Picturesque street in Ortigia, Siracusa old town, Sicily, southern Italy.

Scenic view of Ortygia (Ortigia), Syracuse, Italy. Cityscape of the famous historical place on Sicily

Ortygia, Syracuse

Aerial view of Noto including Basilica Minore di San Nicolò and Palazzo Ducezio, Sicily, Italy

Beautiful cityscape of Ortygia (Ortigia), the historical center of Syracuse, Italy. Skyline of a European coastal town with turquoise transparent water and picturesque clouds in the sky

Embankment at old city in Siracusa and Mediterranean sea Sicily

A motorboat sailing along the canal in Ortygia. Cityscape of the famous Sicilian town, Italy

Siracusa, Sicily: Fountain of Diana, Brilliant Blue Sky

Aerial. Ortigia a small island which is the historical center of the city of Syracuse, Sicily. Italy.