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Lubeck, Germany

The Trave River in Lubeck - Germany

Promenade of Travemuende with a cyclist

Lubeck, Germany

Lübeck old town, Germany

Promenade of Travemuende

View of the pier architecture in Lubeck at night, Germany

Old traditional homes in Lübeck

Old German town of Lubeck

Lubeck old town, Germany

Salt storehouses of Lubeck at night, Germany

Lubeck old town aerial view

Salt storehouses of the Old Part of Lubeck, a city in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany. UNESCO World Heritage

The Holsten Gate or Holstentor in Lubeck old town - Germany, Schleswig-Holstein

People enjoying the day in front of the gate to the old city

roofs of Lubeck

view of Salzspeicher (salt storehouses) of Lubeck at night

Skyline of Lubeck with St. Peter's Church and the

Niederegger-Cafe in Lubeck, Germany

Historic brick buildings on Trave River. Lubeck, Germany

Lubeck: The Holsten Gate or Holstentor on Holstentorplatz in old town, Germany.

Lubeck, Germany

Lubeck Christmas Market


Lubeck old town reflected in Trave river, Germany

Woman exploring Lubeck old town

Holstentor city gate in Lubeck