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Mouth masks and disinfectant sold out in German pharmacy

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Woman wearing protective mask preparing for virus pandemic spread quarantine.Hygiene, cleaning and disinfection products.Preventive measures and protection.Supply shopping during the epidemic.

Coronavirus prevention medical surgical masks, gloves and hand sanitizer gel for hand hygiene corona virus protection. Face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to stop spreading outbreak covid-19

Set of antiseptic items. Hands holding bottles of antiseptic hand gel and spray, medical gloves, couches and wearing mask on blue background.  Flu, illness, pandemic concept

Close-up of woman cleaning her hands with antiseptic hand gel.

Hand disinfection is the most important thing during corona virus!

Woman with mask using hand sanitizer preventing contagion

protective medical mask, gloves and sanitizer disinfecting gel. protective measures against virus, bacteria

Shop assistant cleaning surfaces in flower shop

Means of protection against coronavirus - hand sanitizer spray, antibacterial soap, face surgical masks and latex gloves for main protective measures against coronavirus COVID-19. Top view, copy space