Category: Food and Drink

Empty coffee cups
Still life with a bottle of milk
Coffee street sign
Freshly brewed tea
Freshly brewed coffee
Vegan burger and chips
Skyscraper reflection in a coffee cup
blackberry wild
Passion fruit cheese cake
vegan cherry chocolate cake
barista pouring milk
making coffee
vegan quiche
green tomatoes
Homegrown carrots
Vegetable pizza
Freshly brewed tea
Green asparagus and a carafe with water
Green asparagus closeup
Green asparagus
Bread and plates on the picnic
Preparing a grill
Bread on the picnic towel
Clinking at the picnic
Fresh veggies on picnic
Grilling vegan sausages
Grilling vegan sausages and veggies
Piece of apple pie
Pumpkin soup