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Icy heart

Snowy street floor

Transparent ice with cracks and rifts on Lake Baikal near frozen cliff with stones covered by snow and hoar frost.

Massive mountain on Iceland

Stone stairs covering with snow

Drainpipe in street

frozen river

Stairs covered by Snow

Snowy street floor

Salt with gravel spread on snowy countryside road

Multicolored hot air balloons on a mountain ridge covered snow

asphalt cleared from snow. Texture. stripes from snowstrike broomstick. First snow falls in city. winter

Light Gray Granular Ice Pellet Close Up Abstract

mountain snowy peaks covered with thick clouds, mysterious view of the mountain


Bujaruelo's valley river & rocks silk effect

Stone surface covered with hoarfrost

Frozen ground ice

Frozen water hangs over a small stream in the Smokies.

Man climbing Elbrus in Russia

Village with thatched roof houses covered in snow

Ridge of Slavkovsky peak and Velka Studena valley in clouds

Lava Field in Iceland closeup with green bright moss covered rocks, stones in southern ring road showing pattern and texture

Snow mountain in Switzerland

Frozen purple water and wave covered with ice and snow abstract winter background

Ice covered pebbles by the coast

Leaves covered with frost