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spring meadow with green grass and white spider web, blur background

Dew drops on a web

Mushrooms on a mossy branch in the woods

Magic cobweb in dewy grass

Spider web in the background of the sun.

Spider Web with Dew Drops


Spider web with dew drops on a green blurred background

Spiderweb with pastel colours and bokeh in the morning

The web was wet with early morning dew.

Cobweb in the early morning

Spider web (cobweb) closeup view on nature.

dew and ladybugs

Magic cobweb in dewy grass

Fountain Grass in morning dew

dew and ladybird

Fountain Grass in morning dew

Dew drops on spider web in grass

Early winter cobweb

Sun beam through the tree

Cobweb and spider between stems of grass with blurred dewdrops at sunrise. Macro shot.