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Child is kissing a cat

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Happy girl hugging her Persian kitten.

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Joy of being cuddled

Hipster girl lifestyle

Little girl with a red kitten in hands close up.  Bestfriends. Interaction of children with pets.

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Cat and Child at Play

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Can we keep him?

Beautiful young woman with her cat on a bed

Cat Resting in Lap of Little Girl on Armchair

Happy woman at home listening music and cuddle her cat

Child sleeping with cat

Leisure time with a cat

Happy Girl With Kitten

Young girl and her Maine Coon cat on the visit to the vet.

woman with cat and smartphone in bed at home

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Little girl hanging out with her Scottish Fold cat

Cozy home

Girl, dog and a cat are enjoying outdoor.

Little girl holding baby cat. Kids and pets

Little girls playing with kitten on the bed

Relaxed girl with cat listening to music