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Fallen Tree Blocking Road

Tourist with backpack hiking in Sequoia National Park

Large Tree Fallen Across Road

Fallen Redwood Tree, Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve, California

Problem - Fallen tree blocking the road ahead

broken tree

Fallen Sequoia tree

broken tree

A fallen tree in the Park.

The stump of a rotten old beech tree felled by the wind. Selective focus

Fallen Tree Blocking a Path

Fallen Tree Blocking the Road

Fallen tree after hurricane

Broken Tree

Tree Damage Tornado Hurricane Winds House Insurance

Large Decomposing Tree Trunk, Roots, Washington, Olympic Beach

A big tree was felled by a lightning strike.

Bracket fungus (Birch Polypore) growing on fallen Birch Tree, UK

Fallen trees lying side by side after woodwork

Yosemite Valley

Fallen tree blocking country road