30 Free T-Shirt Mockups

This post contains the best free T-shirt mockups we found on various resources. If you want to try your new design on a T-shirt, going to launch your own line of clothes, or want to effectively present your design to the client or put it into your portfolio, you will find the right templates in this collection.

You can download most of the templates in PSD format, but some of them are available without downloading – upload your design to the online generator and get the ready image.

What is a T-shirt mockup?

A T-shirt mockup template is usually an image of a blank T-shirt on which you can apply your design. The template can feature a model in a T-shirt that shows potential customers what the product will look like in life, or it can be displayed against a neutral background.

Let’s say you’ve just created a fresh T-shirt design and you’re looking forward to seeing how it will look in real life. Thanks to these free templates, you don’t have to wait for your T-shirt to be printed. Instead, you can create a digital representation to check the size, positioning, and colors with your own eyes. The easiest way to do this is to use Adobe Photoshop and a PSD mockup file. Insert your graphics into the Smart Object layer, and Photoshop will automatically transfer it to the T-shirt image. This way, you get a photorealistic picture that you can show to your customers or use in your portfolio.

Do I need Photoshop to use mockup templates?

Not necessarily. While most of the mockups are available in PSD file format, if you don’t use Photoshop, you can also use online mockup generators like Placeit and Smartmockups.

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