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Big Ben and Houses of parliament, London

Chelsea Embankment during autumn time

Yodo River Park

Woman in Lausanne quay of Geneva Lake in summer

Dramatic sky and big river.

France, Paris, couple embracing on bench by River Seine, elevated view


Enbankment of the Rhone river in Lyon, France

green grass bank and the blue sky

Afro girl talking on the phone near the river

A girl is sitting on stones of the embankment

Downtown Malmo With Old and Modern Buildings, Sweden

Crowd of people walking on the southern bank of the River Thames, London

Construction site by the sea for the realization of an embankment with excavator's bucket on background

Playa Barceloneta city beach, Barcelona

Distance view of Big Ben and House of parliament in London

Represa de Itupararanga - Votorantin - SP


Chain, Manufactured Object, Buoy, Boundary, Concepts

Panoramic view of a waterfront at night.

London panorama with Victoria Embankment on river Thames, UK