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Donkeys on mountain pasture

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Druze shepherd with his flock and donkey and dog in the Golan Heights, Israel, March 4, 2018

Donkeys graze near the mountain lake in Fann Mountains background, Tajikistan. Donkeys for transportation of goods

Donkey with big ears against blue sky

Little Girl And Her Donkey On The Mountain Pasture


Donkey caravan in Nepal.

Baby And Mother Donkey On The Pasture

Donkey in the Val Contrin. Dolomites. Italy.

shepherd with sheep goat flock and donkey

Donkey in the meadows of the Bergamo pre-alps Italy

Sacred Valley

The scenery of Tibet

Six curious funny donkeys

donkey in the mountains

Man petting donkeys in Switzerland

Donkeys carrying supplies across the Himalayas

Meandering creek

view from the mountain to the ocean

Himalayas mountains and Equus kiang or wild asses eating food at grassland

Donkey is sleeping on the grass

Sweet look of a donkey in the Swiss Alps in Switzerland

Amazing portrait of a donkey with the Carpathian mountains in the background.

Donkey grazing on a lonely mountain meadow

Cheerful Girl Feeding and Caressing Donkey on the Mountain Pasture

Cheerful Girl Feeding and Caressing Donkey on the Mountain Pasture

Donkey and sheeps in the pasture

Plan de l'Aiguille