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I need a hug right now!

dog watching tv on the couch

Depressed woman at home

Girl looking through the window

Bored woman having fun with pencil

Dog in window

Parents and son (3-5) sitting on couch, in living room

Depressed Woman Changing Channels on a TV Remote

Go away rain! Come back another day

Children using tablet and smartphone in living room

Depressed woman at home during Christmas

Sad boy sits alone

Woman drinking tea at home

Elderly man sitting on bed looking serious

Leave me Alone

Suspicious woman holding phone looking at you

young business woman thinking daydreaming sitting at desk with laptop computer

Unhappy housewife sitting near the window

Bored friends using their smart phones

Indoor shot of young European Caucasian girl looking at financia

Teenagers using smart phones at home

Man sitting on bed with head in hands

Not prepared to miss a spot!

I need new clothes

Tired girls resting after arrival

Sad senior man - Stock image

Woman ironing clothes