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Why we switched from MailChimp to MailerLite for Email Marketing

Why We Switched From MailChimp to MailerLite for Email Marketing

Almost since the very beginning of Barn Images, building our email list has played a huge role in our strategy. That’s right, almost from the beginning. We launched the website on a free WordPress theme with nothing but a bunch of photos we decided to give away for free. In fact, there was no strategy at all, no big plans, and definitely no subscription form. We didn’t feel the need to focus on email marketing and collecting emails because we weren’t selling anything. Looking back now, I can confidently call this a big mistake.

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Social Media Marketing Tools you should be using

5 Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

If you are still manually tracking mentions and tweets, spending hours to find good content to share with your audience, and cropping images the old-fashioned way (or not bothering with social media images’ sizes at all), then it’s time to say goodbye to these outdated rituals of social media management. While you may already be familiar with some of the larger names in social media marketing – like Buffer – making social media marketing easier doesn’t stop there.

There are countless social media tools and apps competing for your time and money, but you can’t buy them all, and you don’t need to settle for a product that doesn’t work for you. Here are five of our favorite free social media marketing tools. We use them every day, and we encourage you to add these to your toolbox as well.

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How to find the perfect image for your website

How to Find the Perfect Image

When designing your professional or personal website or blog, images will invariably enter the discussion. The first question is, do you want to use images on your website at all? For most, the answer will be “yes.” Using images can quickly and efficiently express your tone, brand ethos, philosophy, and company characteristics more effectively than relying solely on text.

Stock photography and free photography websites allow you to quickly and freely find creative resources to fit your website or blog. In both cases, you need to be able to look at photography critically, and to understand how an image functions so that you can use it to help impart your message, both thematically and aesthetically. Here are some top tips to ensure the most efficient search processes.

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