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How to optimize WordPress websites

Everyone loves fast websites. Such a website improves user experience and creates happy visitors and happy admins. Google too is obsessed with speed and considers site speed as one of the ranking factors.

Today we want to share with you 8 steps on how to make a website faster. This is based on the actions that we took to optimize our We believe that these tips will work for any WordPress site, but some can be also used for other CMS.
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Tools we use

Tools we use to build a free photography website

We thought it will be a good idea to start our blog with a little story behind Barn Images. We might not know what kind of advertising you see on the Google Adsense banners on our website, but all the other things we advertise are the tools we use, like and definitely recommend.

In this post you’ll find out about services we use to build the website and promote our project. This is not a step by step guide, but we hope you will find this post useful! And we’ll add more to it as we learn more. Enjoy!

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