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Maria is a travel writer and an amateur photographer. She was born in Russia, studied in Sweden and currently calls the German city Hamburg her home. She shares her passion for traveling and travel photography on her website. Also check out her Instagram for some travel inspiration!

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beautiful coastline in Greece
beautiful coastline
Road trip stop
Coastline city in Greece
Coastline city in Greece
Greek Orthodox Church
greece seashore rocks
thatched beach umbrellas
Seashore in Greece
thatched beach umbrellas
Branch of sakura
Japanese temple
Soft white cherry blossom
Ship in lake
Sakura and a temple
Pathway in the forest
Forest path
Flowers of Spring
Cherry blossoms viewing in Japan

Cherry Blossoms Viewing in Japan

Japanese Sakura, the special type of cherry trees, is world famous. Every spring it attracts a lot of people from all over the world, who want to witness the explosion of colours and the coming of a new season. Did you know Japanese have a very special ritual for greeting spring and the cherry blossoms? In this post I will tell you about the etiquette of sakura admiration and show you some of my most favourite photographs I have made in Japan. I’ve also hand-prepared a downloadable pack of 30 high-resolution photos for you to use as you wish!

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