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Homegrown vegetables and fruits in a basket
bunch of heather
Adult antistress colouring book
iPhone 6 in hand
styled photo with coffee and iPhone
playing piano
take photo of Trevi Fountain
a pianist is playing piano
Chestnut on a palm
girl hiding her face
playing piano
Working with music mixer
girls in colorful skirts
Bread on picnic
Summer flowers and teapot
early morning
hand made jewelry
Sad Girl in Park
hands and cello
Styled Photography Pack

Styled Photography

Today’s business requires both beautiful visuals and consistent images, creating a consistent message across your blog, website, online shop, and social media accounts. That’s why we’ve prepared this styled photography pack in bright colors, that will wow your audience. All the photos come in premium resolution, so you can even use them in your printed materials to create your unique branding!


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watercolour painting
iPad and roses
Holding origami bird
Olympic Tower in Munich