Roman Drits is a freelance photographer and a co-founder of Barn Images. He comes from Latvia but is currently based in Hamburg, Germany. Follow him on Instagram!

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Icy river reflection
Sky between the houses
Fireworks empty tubes
Handmade doll from the back
Still life with pumpkins
depressive block house
airport waiting area
Handmade doll
Handmade bird
Red headed doll
Handmade bear toy pillow
Silly red headed doll
Handmade bear toy
Beach underexposed
glasses on a table
MacBook and handmade doll
Morning sunlight on the curtains
Snow globe
Lighthouse in Warnemunde
Cup of coffee in a cafe
railway track
Waves and rocks
Girl holding a vintage camera
plattenbau building
Mole in Warnemunde
Rostock Lütten Klein
Guy with a vintage Kodak camera
lighthouse warnemunde
Girl holding a vintage camera